Custom fields and contol accounts summary

Custom fields are a great addition allowing not to have to put every detail in the title of the account. They are displayed nicely after pressing the Cash Account button, columnised, if set up for this.

It would be helpful if the Summary, Control Account sections, as well as listing cash accounts under that control, could also display their columnised custom fields as well.

Thanks for considering

That’s a good idea. However right now I’m still working on how these control accounts are going to work so remind me again in about a month when custom control accounts are fully implemented. Then marginal improvement like this could be added.

If this is done, please make it optional. One reason for using custom fields could be so certain details specifically do not show like they do when part of an account name.

Well, custom fields would only show if the option to show them in “lists” is checked. So it is already optional.

Yes, I understand that. I was referring to @muffin’s request to have them show on the Summary page.

It’s not to show them directly on Summary tab. It’s only when you click on the balance of control account from Summary tab. You will see list of customers, suppliers, inventory items etc as sub-accounts and on that list of items you could have a custom field column.

I see. And that concept would then have to be replicated across all Summary tab entries for consistency.

Yes, Lubos. That’s what I was suggesting.