Custom Reports - PDF Naming

Dear @lubos,

can you make the automatic naming of custom reports chorent with all the other reports?


Fixed in the latest version (20.7.53)

Sorry but it doesn’t work. Now it gives the same name to all reports

I can’t reproduce it. Perhaps I’m looking at something else? Can you show the screenshots what you are looking at?

Each standard report has a name like this:

AQA Capital LTD in nome e per conto del Fondo AM Sviluppi Immobiliari - Profit and Loss Statement - For the period from 30_10_2018 to 31_12_2019 - Accrual basis.pdf

Which is composed by

[Business Name in Business Details] - [Name of the report] - [Period].pdf

In the case of custom reports but should be:

[Business Name in Business Details] - [Custom Report Name defined in Custom Reports Form] - [Period].pdf