Custom Reports "contains" may be case sensitive

In custom reports, “where Payment.Reference contains ‘xxx’” is case sensitive. Is this intentional, a bug, or an enhancement?
It would be good to be case insensitive.
I have not investigated the treatment of other text field “contains”.

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These fields have always been case sensitive. You are building a direct query of the database, and that can be quite unforgiving, as content in a field like this could deliberately use case as part of a differentiation scheme.

Thanks Tut. I will work with that.
Just a related question: Do you have concerns with the use of a ‘like’ option?

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I would support the idea of allowing the SQLite “LIKE” option in building a direct query of the database. I would also recommend having the SQLite ICU extension which allows a wider character set to be considered. I do not know why @lubos has not included this standard query option. Maybe as @Tut explains that queries can be quite unforgiving. It may help to avoid unwanted results but if it is an option then one should be able to gauge if to use it or not based on the results it shows. As queries do not alter the data sets but help to explore them it would be great if we can build it using the standard SQLite query tools.

I have no opinion about that, @Kevin.