Custom Reports change in 20.8.39

There is a bug in Custom Reports.
Worked in 20.7.55 and now does not work in 20.8.39
The problem is in “Where” section:
In 20.7.55 Custom Report: General Ledger Account - Name - contains - “dividend”
After upgrade to 20.8.39: General Ledger Account - blank (and rest is missing)
The work around is to re-enter “Name” and then “contains - dividend” reappears.
Have to do this for every Custom report

Custom reports continue to evolve. What you describe does not seem like a bug, but a need to redefine the report to utilize the new features. Remember, reports are not stored. Definitions of parameters of the report are stored.

I redefined all reports after the last major changes.
The problem is with the one parameter in the report definition. Multiple custom reports are affected.
The word “Name” has just disappeared from the General Ledger Account sub-parameter and the report is nonsense.
But before running the report if you edit the parameter from blank to “Name” and then it works OK.
Then next time it remembers this sub-parameter.

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Changes to custom reports occur without announcements. Your description confirms that redefining the report activates the change.