Custom Reports Error

Most of the custom reports created earlier versions come out error after new version update (20.5.11)
Edit command is working(can view edit page), when I click view button only the error message come out.

I tried to find out the reason:
for me seems,
in the new version’s custom report creating area,
in the “Select” and “Where” options, “Account” or “Account | Name” is not available (earlier versions had it), now “Bank Account” , “Capita Account” and “Cash Account” only available.
Don’t know I’m correct or not

From = General Ledger Transactions
“Select …” no longer supports

  • Account | Code
  • Account | Name
  • Account | Tax code | Name

“Where …” no longer supports the above and

  • Account

Looks like Lubos has been busy. Look forward to see what changes result.

Just Now I updated to version 20.5.20, it’s ok now, no more error message for the problem above(custom report).

Thank you Lubos and others.