Custom report

No doubt this has been asked before, but I am wondering if there is a sample custom report that would show all the transactions for a given group in the chart of accounts. I have a group with two subgroups and each sub group has accounts. I would like a list of all the items in the group.
Possible? How?
Thanks in advance

Forum rules require you to post your best attempt and the resulting report when asking questions about custom reports.


Can you point me to a page that describes the WHERE fields
Thanks in advance

Last comment on this … since I use “donation” in all the gl accounts that have to do with my group of “donations” … I see I can use NAME of GENERAL LEDGER ACCOUNT to get all the different types of donations in restricted and unrestricted subgroups. Still not sure where to find the definition of each of the WHERE fields …but still looking in documentation for it.
Thanks for being there

There are no answers to your questions without complete knowledge of your chart of accounts and typical transactions. So follow the rules rather than asking more questions.