Records of individual customers

I am the Treasurer of a Club, and I should like to able to obtain the transactions relating to individual members, i.e. subs paid, expenses claimed, etc. Is this possible, or is a good knowledge of SQL (non-existent in my case) still necessary? The program notes seem to suggest that this is possible, provided that these people’s names and addresses are on file (which they are). All transactions are in cash (no credit) and I do not issue invoices.

A custom report on the Genereal Ledger transactions should be able to provide you with this information - you will have to select the correct transactions but that they ought to be easy to spot

The only built-in report that will do this is the transaction-type customer statement. But for that to work, you must record transactions through the accounts receivable functions. That means issuing invoices and recording deposits, payments, receipts, etc. through the Accounts receivable account.

Another possibility is to use special accounts for your members. Then, drill down to that member’s account and export it to a spreadsheet.

@Joe91 is correct. You can get this information out of Manager using custom reports.

For example, if you have Donations income account and want to get list of donations grouped by contact for the month of September, then here is how your custom report should be set up.