Custom Report - P&L on selected GL's

Hi all, i have few brands of different products that i consider each brand sales and expenses in separate GL’s so i treat them as individual business units for later to know which one is profitable or not, in order to focus the action of what to do with. that business (i.e.: increase marketing exposure, discontinue selling that particular brand, and etc).

Considering the above, I am trying to generate a custom report on each “brand” selecting their associated GL’s but i cannot seem to get it right, see below images.

Appreciate the help on this.

Thank you.

I can’t see the details clearly enough but it looks like you are selecting by accounts

But the selection criteria is AND not OR so the multiple selection is not possible

Ideally you should be using Tracker codes for this - Use tracking codes

Hi @Joe91, yes i am selecting the GL accounts (sale and expenses) related to the brand i need to get a P&L for.

I don’t know where you are referring to AND or OR since i can’t see either option in custom report.

The tracking codes is not an option for me to use for this purposes since i have other function for them, that is why i have decided to use GL accounts from beginning.

Thank you.

When you use the Where feature it acts as a filter and only select transactions that satisfy ALL of the where selections

So if you have "Where account is 4130 Sale of Goods…: it will only select transactions in that account and pass them to the next Where filter
so if the next where is “where account is Sale of Services…” it will then select from those transactions passed on those with account=Sale of Services. But as each transaction only has one account value, there will be no transactions passed on

The where acts like if filter 1 AND filter 2 AND … so on whereas you want if filter 1 OR filter 2 OR …

You will have to do the selection outside Manager by exporting the whole P&L to Excel and preparing your reports in Excel, for example

The fact is, @Inline, you should just use tracking codes as @Joe91 already told you. That is what they were designed for: divisions or brands within one company. Some people use them for other creative purposes, but your application is what they were meant for.

@Joe91 Thanks for the explanation, i did not know that this is how Manager treats “where” in additional lines.

Hi @Tut i am using tracking codes for projects, i see more use for them this way because projects has a start and end, and because of that a company like mine could have multiple projects which it is not feasible/proper to add GL accounts to manage it. The way i see is, the users must have a GL account for each and all transactions and this can never be missed otherwise it goes to the suspense account and it must be fixed. Now imagine missing to add a tracking code in one transaction, it will be very hard to notice, data shown in reports will be misleading/wrong and the user would not know because the GL accounts will still be balanced.

Hi @lubos, I think this could perhaps be adjusted for Manager to take “where” lines as AND since the user have the ability not to add the second line if he does not need to add that particular data, unless this is done in Manager due a specific reason.

Thank you all.

No question, @Inline, it is tough to use tracking codes for two different purposes. By the way, are you aware of the Tracking Exception Report?

Then you could restructure your P&L so that it has mini P&L within. The one disadvantage is that you lose Total Sales, Total Cost of Sales etc etc.
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Hi @Tut yes it is not ease when you can only use 1 tracking code per line and not multiple.

Thanks for pointing that out, this is the beauty of this forum, where people like you with so much knowledge on the system helps the others. I really appreciate the time you take on replying these topics.

Since i use tracking codes for 1 purpose only, i have yet not missed any entry, therefore, did not need to use or search on the guide/forum for the exception report.


Hi @Joe91, thanks i may need to do that for time being, until and unless @lubos could confirm if this is something he may look into it in future.

I think that having the ability to generate a custom P&L by selecting certain GL accounts would be much easier and somehow similar to other softwares, and hopefully other users could benefit from it so it makes sense to do this feature.

Thank you.

You are never going to be able to create a profit and loss statement with only some accounts. You can, how, create a General Ledger Transactions report for a selected account.