Profit and Loss Report (&BS) - Groups to Print option

I’m after a subset of the Loss section of my chart of accounts report - I’ve looked at tracking codes or pasting this from the profit and loss report into excel or will custom reports do the trick ? Any guidence would be welcome. I’d rather have a report I can generate on the fly with varying dates…Thank You

What are you referring to as “the Loss section?” There is no “loss section” in your chart of accounts. And what information are you actually looking for?

For Example the profit and loss report generates in my case income Less Operating Costs - most cases generating the full chart of accounts is fine - however I want to generate a subset of this report - eg just the operating costs…so pick which accounts I want in the report

@htb, there is no built-in report that will let you list only portions of the chart of accounts. And custom reports list transactions, not just balances. It doesn’t sound like you want that. So copying to a spreadsheet and deleting unwanted content is the fastest way.

A General Ledger Transactions report for a single account will quickly give you the transactions and running balances for a single account, but it doesn’t sound like that is what you want either.

Your right - I just want a portion of the accounts - I’ve already copy and pasted to a spreadsheet but was hoping this functionality was there and i missed it. How do I put this functionality on the want to have list for manager so it can be implemented in the future ? Thank You

What is the business case for this?

If you can explain why you need this, there may be a higher chance of the change being implemented

It helps us to build compliance reports for the tenancy act - as we must stipulate outgoings estimates every year … and get it audited… thank you

You ask on this forum, and moderators like me have discretion to add promising suggestions to the ideas list. In this case, however, I will not, because such a report has no standard business use. People always have interesting, but individual, desires. That is why the copy function exists.

If this is your use case, a truncated Profit and Loss Statement would not fulfill your need. It cannot be audited. If you are going to use historical expenditures to justify something, you need a report that actually lists the expenditures. A P&L Statement does not, just the totals. So the General Ledger Transactions report I mentioned previously would be a better solution. Create one for every account you want to include in your auditable estimate.

Thank You for your suggestion - but we build an outgoings report from a portion of the chart of accounts - quicken had this and we were use to this functionality - hence explaining my use - it is very important to comply with the shop leases act and am disappointed it is seen as not necessary functionality to add ):

Being a P&L maybe a Custom Report from date A to date B with a filter on the Chart of Accounts (since we still don’t have the promised custom fields after so many years he could use accounts’ codes to filter) and a collapsed group by Account so that he can reach the desired report or something very similar.

@htb, you refer to one law in one country. Manager is used all around the world, so it is impossible for the developer to meet everyone’s desires everywhere, in close to 200 sovereign jurisdictions. Your former program did not meet everyone’s desires, either, focusing as it does on a handful of countries. And you paid a lot more.

I asked for it to be put on the “want” list - I figured it would be handy to have a report that can be a customised set of the chart of the accounts for everyone… and Manager is a great program meeting most of my business needs, though not in this case - manually cutting and pasting is alot of work. Thanks for your time. I don’t exppect to have to justify and spill confidential information in a forum just to ask a question. I’m an Australian based user that has an ask to comply with Australian business rules - that is it…

No one asked for confidential information. Its inclusion on the forum is discouraged. You were only asked for a business case.

That is confidential enough as I did not even want to discuss the business case …thanks for your time

I don’t understand how copying the P&L report to Excel and then deleting the accounts which are not required is a lot of work

You could setup a macro in Excel to extract those accounts that are required from the copy and paste results.

Hardly a lot of work, sorry

I don’t do macros and expect a financial program to run the reports- sorry- and don’t expect to get jumped on with negativety when I ask for functionality - really poor form

Sorry, I wasn’t “jumping on you” - and apologies if that’s the way it came across

thank you- I have an accountant that is not tech savvy and require things to be simple and when handing over accounts - I hand over the manger file and if the functionality can be included in this file - it is ideal for my business model.

By having others understand the simplicity of your request instead of making it into complexity.

Currently when you are creating a P&L report you have this existing option:
0000000 Bug 1a

Your request is somewhat a reverse of that, where the option would be:
Groups to Print
0000000 Bug 2

To explain the business case would be this. A Sales Manager wants to include only the Income group of the P&L Statement in their report for sales of the past 5 years:
0000000 Bug 1

Or for a Manager who is responsible for a P&L group to assist with their budget preparations:
0000000 Bug 2a

The same could apply to the Balance Sheet - just print the Assets or Fixed Assets group.

Or as you requested in your case - Operating Costs. Nothing about this request is either country specific or individual desires, therefore I will add this to the Ideas category and edit the heading.

Added to the latest version (21.5.47)

When you use Groups to collapse feature on Profit & Loss Statement or Balance Sheet, the collapsed groups are now clickable.

Clicking on the group name will reveal sub-report.

So far, this works on profit & loss statement and balance sheet.

It’s also implemented on aged receivables and aged payables reports when Show Invoices checkbox is unchecked.