Custom report for sales quote

Hello there, really good job on Manager. Thanks a lot for the software.

I am facing a problem with custom reports. I’m not sure if I’m addressing it correctly. It could be I’m picking something wrong.

I use Manager only for Sales Quotes and each customer/client of mine has a different pricing range.

I tried to generate a report in custom reports tab with the following details for customer XYZ having prices issued to XYZ on different proforma invoices (sales quotes) →

:diamonds: Select Sales Quote → Issue Date
:diamonds: Select Sales Quote → Reference
:diamonds: Select Inventory Item → SalePrice

:diamonds: Customer Name contains XYZ

But I end up with nothing / an empty report.

Picture below →

Please do let me know if I’m doing something wrong here.

Look forward to your reply.

Where… Name contains text - search is case sensitive

Customer specific

or for all customers
Customers all

Quotes are not linked in Custom Reports.

They simply don’t work (always empty) since they are not in any way linked to a General Ledger Transaction.

I tried this.

I could see my customer name as an entry but still there was nothing in the custom report.

Is it so? Then, why does it show up as an option in selection?

Would really love to have this integrated as it allows me to create a pricelist to refer to!

Because it is in the Ideas list to integrate Quotes in the workflow but they are not yet.

Fair enough, I really look forward to it. Thanks for assisting me, David-e!