Custom report - debtor address - dump to excel

have made a custom report with addresses of debtors and want to get this to excel. Report print addresses are comming on two lines. How can I get this on 1 line?

Preferably directly to an excel file, without cutting and pasting

While viewing the report, click Copy to clipboard. Paste into spreadsheet. Adjust column width in spreadsheet. There is no other way. Of course, depending on what else you have in the report, this may not fit on one line on a single page.

Thanks for the quick reply.
I tried copying and pasting, but then the addresses are split into 2 lines. This is not effective if you want to edit and sort

I misunderstood you. I thought you meant text was wrapping because of column width. What you are seeing is because the addresses are multi-line entries in the database. You are either going to have to edit those manually or write some kind of macro in your spreadsheet program. The structure of Manager’s database cannot be modified by users.