Custom Report: Custom Field Date format is not same

is this possible to be same as “date format” from “Preferences” at custom report
fixed asset list (same)
custom report (not same)

You can change the custom field format from Date to Single-line text. Then, input the dates as text and they will appear just as you put them in. The disadvantage is that they will sort as text, if that matters to you.

We just want to use date field, coz date field can be use calendar

Then you have to accept the current format. When you create a custom report, you are querying a database, and that is the way raw dates are reported. In other reports, processing of the data occurs before display, and one of the processing steps is conversion of dates to match your preferences. With custom reports, the program does not know what you will be including in your query, so there is much less formatting coded in.

If this really matters to you, copy the report to the clipboard, paste it into a spreadsheet and manipulate it there.

If I’m not wrong this was already classified by @lubos as a bug to be resolved with a future and more powerful version of custom reports. This issue can also be found in all the other kind data: also numbers are always displayed with “.” as decimal independently from the localisation settings.

NB: I know that for most of users it’s only a visualization problem… the main issue that I have is when you use batch update and create from Excel since you have two different formats of the same data in the same table. You can easily mess your data.

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LibreOffice has commands to convert between localisation formats and from memory you can override the default when importing

I cannot install any additional software in my office computer. However this is not a solution but just a workaround…


Until a better solutions is available, for those who have or can install LibreOffice

@Davide is correct. This is known issue which I’m already working on addressing in new iteration of custom reports.

I would like to request improvement for custom report ASAP.