Custom Pagination

The reason the number on the Export button has disappeared is that the program no longer does what it used to do. Previously, if you had 200 invoices, 50 would show. But if you did an Export, all 200 were included. So the number on the button told you that more would be exported than you were seeing. Now, because the pagination can be set, only those displayed are exported. So if the default 50 is retained, only the 50 you are viewing will be exported.

You were relying on something in the program for a purpose it was not meant to serve.

You mentioned that you were using this to verify that goods receipts matched purchase invoices and delivery notes matched sales invoices. The method designed to enable that is to look at the Customers and Suppliers tabs and check the Qty to deliver and Qty to receive columns. In other words, the program has a feature specifically designed to give you the information.

Export button is not good place to show total number of rows across all pages anymore. But I agree it should be shown somewhere.

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page 1 of 7 pages (showing 50 of 5000 records)

Yes, the “50 of” is redundant because we know the default pagination because we have possibly selected it anyway, except:
a) “showing 5000 records”, or just “5000 records” by itself isn’t right, and
b) there may be less than the default pagination showing

Yes, the purpose of that count showing was different. Indeed.

Yes please that would be great

For now, in the latest version (20.8.58), I’ve put that information into the brackets where Max button is.



Great but its not working on search results as there is no change in the row count when its narrowed by search keywords like

Like when i search for today’s delivery notes its still showing the max number and not showing only searched results count
Its showing max (19000+) while here after applying a search for today only it should show the actual row count i.e. below 50

yes. this is what I’m missing. when I want to search a query and see how many records it holds. would love to see this feature back!

I agree - I think it is more intuitive if the total number of records selected and available to be listed is shown rather than the total number of records in the set

So initially it would be the total - but if you enter a search value, the number should reflect the number corresponding to the number matching the search

Fixed in the latest version (20.8.64).

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amazing :slight_smile: Thanks alot
though just checked its working perfectly with sales invoices, but not appearing on receipts and payments, goods receipts, delivery notes, credit and debit notes, transactions, inventory items etc

@fahadalarab the option to switch between number of rows per page is not visible if there are less than 50 rows. Would that explain what you see?

Ok got it now its visible now if number is above 50 :ok_hand: