Pagination and filtering of lists

First: I really like Manager. As a starting business it fits my needs perfectly. Awesome development pace!
On thing that is not a problem yet but surely will be in the near future is the listing of things like Sales invoices, bank statements, and such things.

Pagination on those lists is no luxury, I’m quite surprised no one has asked for it yet.

A bit nicer would be filtering: keyword filter, date from and to (preferably with a date picker), that sort of thing.

We talked about this before, but I think it’s a good forum topic, also to see what others think.




Pagination has been already implemented on all pages. You need at least 51 items on screen to see pagination kick in.

Filtering hasn’t been implemented yet (other than basic search function) but there are now quite a few users with over 1,000 invoices and this is becoming a problem. I’m actually planning to start working on it next week.