Custom Label Printing

It would be great if you could implement a label printing system for receiving inventory.

How would this relate to accounting? Labels are not financial transactions. How do you envision something like this would work?

Well labeling is a part of inventory management on the receiving end. Additionally, labels can help with invoicing as you create a label for inventory product, that label is what determines the product and pricing in the sales invoice. I feel they go hand in hand really for any business utilizing any kind of inventory management software.

Everything you say is true. But my questions remain. How are labels connected to whatever accounting transaction you think they are related to, and how would you use them in an accounting workflow?

Without knowing those things, it seems you are asking for the program to be a label maker.

I am guessing that label printing falls into the same basket as RFQ and other purchase / sale order requested modifications - making Manager a more holistic programme beyond just accounting. I could however see sticky label printing being an extension of the Delivery Note.

this is will be great, not to go outside manager to do Sales orders, RFQ, etc and refill again in manager.
Custom fields is good, but unfortunately playing with layout of generated document is not easy through themes

Sales orders are already inside Manager.

yes, but customization of printed out document is not easy subject that custom fields help us doing that