Barcode printer

can you add a barcode printer it will be an great improvment to inventory management

Donā€™t you really mean a barcode printer driver? (A software program will never become a printer.)

And what are you suggesting this barcode printer driver would do? Where and how would it be used?

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i mean Barcode Printer Software like Zebra, every time i want to print a barcode i must enter the name of the organization and the serial of the product and the sale price and the name of the product it will be easier with the database

Manager has never offered printer drivers for any product. I doubt it will start.

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Thanks for interacting with the post , i was hope that i can print labels for my products in an easy way

@MCasper you can use whatever printer-driver on your own operating system. What was explained is that Manager application like Microsoft Products for example are not responsible for installing and using printer-drivers.

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I think this boils down to theming. Even if barcode printer driver was installed, it would not solve the issue.

Actually, the solution could be as easy as changing the display font for the field in question.

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