Custom fonts for Print and Email

Can the native PDF printer be made to accept font links.

See the Guide:

In the guides, the last disclaimer that says:

Because custom fonts must be installed on your machine, they will not be used for emailed transaction forms. If you want to email a form with a custom font, you must first create a PDF and then email the PDF.

That’s exactly what I am talking about. I don’t want the font installed on the server, I am embedding the link to google fonts which I want embedded in the PDF. In fact, I don’t have the fonts installed on my machine, they are embedded in the PDF itself.

It seems your approach would require recipients to be online to view transactions, even after receiving/downloading them. Seems questionable to me.

Not really, try embedding a font that you did not install on your computer, then print the PDF using your browser and then view it offline. It will work, because the font is now part of the PDF document.

You said you were only embedding a link. Frankly, you are beyond my comfort zone.

This is the link you get from google and the paste it inside your custom theme:
<link href="" rel="stylesheet">

Then when you print the document you will get this font embedded in the PDF, so even if you do not have the font “installed” in the traditional sense, the PDF viewer can still render the font from within the document itself.