Expanding width of drop down boxes in custom fields

Hi, I’ve added a couple of custom fields to billable time using drop down boxes. While you’re in custom fields you can drag on the corner of the drop down box to expand its width, but even after updating / saving, the width seems to revert back to the original once you leave custom fields and go back in, or when you view the drop down in billable time. Not being able to expand the width of the drop down box is super annoying because we have quite long categories I have had to add and they are really hard to view and select from the narrow width of the drop down box as it appears by default.

Does anyone have a solution to this issue? I tried to look at the code, but I’m not a coder and while I managed to amend it from within billable time itself, as soon as I left the page and went back in it reverted back to the original width again.


This must be a feature of your operating system, or browser, not Manager. Field size can be modified only for single line and paragraph text fields.

What sorts of information are putting in the dropdown lists? These were really not conceived, for example, for entering project descriptions or other lengthy input. They were meant for things like labor categories, department names, and so on.

What edition (desktop/server/cloud) and operating system are you using?

I’m using Chrome as my browser, my operating system is Windows 10 and I’m on the Cloud version of Manager. We are an Architecture office and the info I’ve added to the drop down lists are tasks the staff / partners use to categorise their time. For example:

STAGE 5: Site Works - Contract Appraisals
STAGE 5: Site Works - Further Re Planning
STAGE 6: Post Practical Completion - Snagging
STAGE 6: Post Practical Completion - Msrmnt/Vltns/Cert.

As you can see, the categories are quite long, even though I have abbreviated them. The narrow drop down box makes it really hard to easily pick the correct category, as there are quite a few categories that run over onto the next line.


This won’t resolve your issue, of course, but I’m curious whether the field can be expanded by dragging its corner, like you described, if you log on with another browser. I suspect not.

Not to tell you what might be necessary for running your business, but if Stage 5 is always site works and Stage 6 is always post practical completion, perhaps you could further abbreviate as S5 and S6 or SW and PPC. There seems to be a lot of duplication in the beginning portions of the options. It would be better, even if the entire description doesn’t show, if the unique portions showed. And since custom fields in a billable time entry are not picked up for sales invoices, these abbreviations end up being for internal use. A note card showing abbreviations that can be distributed to anyone making entries could help prevent confusion. Users will very quickly learn the system, I think.

Yes, thanks, that’s a good work around re the abbreviations. I will take a closer look at our categories to see how we could abbreviate further.

If we could have the flexibility to widen the boxes though it would be great.

Lubos - is this a feature that could be added or could you change the code to accommodate wider lists?


Dropdown box options should be in the latest version (18.1.25) automatically re-sized.

Just checked it out …it looks great! Makes it so much easier to read and select. Thanks for the update.