Custom Fields "Journal Entry - Line"

Hai @lubos

I have tried to create “Custom Fields” but I can’t find Placement for “Journal Entry - Line”, can you add it?
Because I think it really helps us to mark a transaction, for example giving a label to the transaction.

I really hope and beg If you can provide this facility, very helpful.


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What do you want to use the Custom Field for?

There is already a Description field on each line and you can assign a Project and/or Division code as well

And the Narration field is listed on the journal entries’summary page.

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There are Description fields for all the other transaction types but they still have it.

For the sake of consistency, Journal entries must also have the Line Item custom field.

Added to Ideas.

Then shouldn’t the field Narration be called Description 'cos, AFAIK, it only appears on the Journal Entries edit and summary page?

Agree, I agree with you, for consistency.
Journal Entry-line should also have consistency with the help of a column.

Added to Ideas

Added to the latest version (23.3.17)


many thank for your support.

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