Custom fields - Depreciation/Amotrisation Entrly - Line

Hello all, I have noticed that there is not any choice for “Depreciation Entry - Line” / “Amortisation Entry - Line” in custom fields.
Given that the depreciastion/amortisation entries have the capability to add lines (more than one assets), I believe that it would be beneficial to have custom fields per line for these categories in order (for example) to add notes per asset such as details for its depreciation etc.
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I agree, there is no line item description field for depreciation entries. A Line item Custom field would be a good addition.

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I disagree with this suggestion. Rather than a line-item custom field, I would recommend an ordinary Description field for each line in addition to the summary-level description field for the entire transaction. This strikes me as a notable shortcoming and inconsistency already.

A custom field seems entirely unnecessary, a needless complication. Remember, while the depreciation entry transaction can include multiple lines, each line must already be uniquely associated with a specific asset. What would you enter that justified a custom field if you already had a standard Description for the line?

It would be good too!

If we had a Description field, it would be ok. I just proposed for a line-item Custom Field rather than a Despcription one, considering the standardisation which is provided through custom fields. However, just a Description field per line would meet my requirements.

For consistency reasons, I think custom fields should be available everywhere where technically possible.

Added to the latest version (23.12.7)


Is that also on an account in the chart of accounts?

It would be nice to have custom field on Production order - Lines and Non-inventory cost-line.