Can you please add additional column for Text Entry in JOURNAL ENTRIES FORM

Can we include additional column in JOURNAL ENTRIES FORM as below example

Account ADDITIONAL COLUMN (FOR TEXT ENTRY) Description Qty Debit Credit

Why can’t you enter whatever you want into the Description field if it applies to the individual debit or credit, or the Narration field if it applies to the overall journal entry? That is what they are for. You can also add custom fields.

Currently we are using another accounting software and planning to switch to Manager, For reference we also enter the project name & details and in description we enter the expenses details. For entering project name/number we want an additional field.

I believe custom field in not yet implemented in Journal Entries

You believe incorrectly:


I would be grateful if you could help me out with setting up please

Tried but custom field is for complete Journal Entry Form, I am looking for additional field for each entry line for batch entries

You can’t do that. You will need to put your information in the Description fields.

I would also point out that there are very few circumstances where a journal entry is used in Manager. Virtually all transactions are entered in dedicated functional tabs. The only common uses for journal entries in Manager are adjusting pre-paid accruals, distributing profits to capital accounts without disbursing money, clearing liabilities to equity, and so forth. It would be almost unheard of to use a journal entry for recording an expense.

Allocating transactions to projects can be done with tracking codes. See