Custom Fields in Purchase Invoice and expense claim

Unable to see custom fields in Purchase invoice and expense claim

Edit the custom fields under Settings and check the appropriate boxes. See Custom fields.

I have already added through custom fields page.

But not visible

From your 1st screenshot it looks like you created the custom fields to Purchase Invoice Items tab…

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@ntrim is correct. You need to create your custom fields under purchase invoices. Purchase invoice items are just shortcuts for commonly entered lines. They do not change the invoice itself.

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Thanks for the clarification regarding purchase invoice. What about the expense claim

Same answer as my original response. Tick the box when you create or edit the custom field under Settings. In this case, the custom field appears as a column in the account ledger, but there is no option to show it on the printed version. What are you trying to display?

I am trying to add paid by, approved by and received by for signatures. I can see it in the entry form but not on print version as you said.

As I told you in my previous post: custom fields will not show on printed expense claims. Manager is an accounting program, not a forms design tool. If you want such a customized expense claim form, it would be a simple matter to design one in an appropriate program. Even a spreadsheet program would do an acceptable job.

Expense claims don’t expose custom fields on printed documents yet, I’ll add it to my to-do list.

Looks like your To-Do list is getting quite big lol. :joy:

Well, I have multiple to-do lists. This particular feature is on the to-do list which contains the easiest things to do and most items on this to-do list are resolved within a few days so not to worry.

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In the latest version (16.5.73), you can make custom fields to show on printed expense claims.

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