Custom fields: how to select more than one item on dropdown list

I would consider to use non-inventory items instead of custom fields, it would allow you to add a description if needed.

You would as you do in reality take the items in and then give them back, that is best handled this way.

If I understood the case study, in my opinion, ,now that line custom fields is available on transaction forms, you can also handle this issue by creating line custom fields on the transaction forms. You can then use multiple lines to record the difference items and in each case select the appropriate option for each item.

This is not correct in most of cases:

  1. custom fields doesn’t apply only to transactions
  2. you may have to link a transaction to many different values of a custom fields but you may not know how to split the value
  3. It may be even illegal in some counties to create dummy transaction lines just to add a custom fields, ie tags that have nothing to do with accounting

For the only actual use case describe in this thread, that is very unlikely.
There is no reason an invoice for the repair of a customers electronic device should not specify the equipment supplied for repair, and that the customer supplied equipment was done at zero cost.

There maybe another use cases which creates a legal problem for a user with a specific problem in a specific jurisdiction, however such a use case has not been describe here.

@Patch did you try my suggestion? I think that non-inventory items at 0 value are a much cleaner way to deal with this.

  1. Create an income account in Charter of Account as follows:

  2. Create a customer and copy this customer to supplier so the customer is both a buyer and a seller

  3. Create as many non-inventory items in settings such as example below, where both When sold and When purchased are allocated to the income account created in point 1 above and where you could autofill the amounts to 0 (no value) :

  4. Enable Goods Receipts tab in customize and create a goods receipt as for example below (descriptions where written manually and are optional):

  5. When the customer picks up the items copy the Goods Receipt you created in view to a New Sales Invoice or New Receipt and add any other line. Sort the lines as you wish.

Yes which is why I wrote above

But thanks for illustrating it so well

By the way @compuit has the business with a use case for this functionality.

Sorry @Patch my mistake to answer a request by @compuit but my solution would address the second point you raised where you can select and write descriptions in the absence of any other solution that would do the same at the moment.

This has been added to the latest version (22.8.19).

Under Settings, then Custom Fields, there is new screen named Multiple Value Custom Fields


You can create new multiple value custom field on both top-level and individual lines.


Then it will be shown as follows:


And when viewing…


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No Custom Field showing in view mode.

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Show the Edit screen of the custom field, please.

Edit screen of custom field [test].

@ries this wasn’t related to multi-value custom fields as none of these new custom fields would show. Anyway, this has been implemented in the latest version now (22.8.20)


Weldone Lubos, excellent work. I am very happy.

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