Using drop down list type custom field

Dear @lubos ,
I created a custom field called paint type, and i choose the type of drop down list because i wanted to limit the choice to one value only
however, it works fine if i chose “Sales Invoice” please see the image below

and doesn’t show any value if i chose “Sales invoice Line”, where i need it (look the image below)

any thoughts?

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Hi Joe91,
Thank you for your response
however, multiple value custom field gives the staff a chance to choose multi values
i want to limit the choice to one value only

This is an unresolvable contradiction!

Hi Eko

it can
because multiple value field is different in attitude than drop down list

Good point. Then use “classic custom field” drop-down list.

i did, it is not showing the value when it is on “sales invoice line”
check the images i attached :slight_smile:

It indeed does not work. In any case the classic one is supposed ot be replaced by the new ones so the simplest solution would be for @Lubos to add a drop-down custom field.