Custom fields for folders do not appear on folder form

I have been using custom fields for folders to organize my work for quite a while.
Currently, I lost the ability to create new folders with custom fields or edit custom fields for my existing folders.

This is my setting page for custom fields:

Here is the custom field edit screen:

Also, one of the existing folders for which the custom field is already in use (Note the external links custom field)

The edit screen for this folder

Here is my New Folder screen:

Beautiful implementation you have there for the Folders Tab!

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I can reproduce this. A custom field does not appear on the folder-form despite being defined properly as a custom field under the Settings tab.

But according to @Ealfardan’s screen shot, a previously defined custom field is still present and functional. Is that correct, @Ealfardan, or have you taken screen shots from different versions?

Regardless, I am moving this topic to bugs. I also edited the subject to match my understanding of the problem.

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Yes, that’s true, but it’s not editable.

No I am using the same cloud server, same company for all of the piictures.

Thank you, @Ealfardan. Because of the bug, I could not test that, since I had no folders with custom fields already existing. I wanted to be sure you were not showing the screen shot of your folder to illustrate what was supposed to be there, but was missing.

Should be fixed in the latest version (21.2.44)

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Thanks for the quick fix.