Custom Fields Font Size

Is it possible to change the font size for Custom Fields Only? I would like to use the Custom Fields to place fine print / T&Cs information.

you can set the font size with a custom theme.
in the custom theme find the lines of code related to custom fields and add the desired font size to it.
if you are not familiar with liquid coding please hire a local programmer to do it for you.

Thank you for the reply. Unfortunately I from a very small country in Africa called Eswatini and highly doubt that we have a local programmer who is familiar with liquid coding.

I guess i will have to try find the line of code online or hopefully someone can share it here.

Thanks again…

the below guide will help you identify the code related to custom fields.

you may also want to read the other guides on custom themes.

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Read this Guide: The last example shows how to change font size for custom field content without the need for a custom theme.

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Tremendous help! Thank you!