Custom Field

When I put confirmation in the Custom Field it is given true in another entry, as shown in the picture

Your screen copy does not illustrate any problem at all

I have no idea what you have shown

Please say what edition (Cloud, Server,Desktop) and version of Manager

Please show the full screen or screens to explain wfat you think is wrong

You did a poor job of explaining your issue. What do you want to accomplish? What do you mean by “Confirmation”? What do you expect Manager to be doing? What edition and version number are you using?

In the beginning, a custom field was created and the mark was placed in entry No. 3340, the mark appeared in another entry 3337


You are still only showing partial copies of the screen.
Show the full screen
Show the edit screens

From your Screenshot, you are not the admin. Have you asked other users if they changed the field to True? (YASSER AUDIT)

Actually, I am not an ADMIN, but what is the difference when I have Full access

Before we consider the possibility that it was caused by a bug, we need to make sure that neither you nor anyone else entered that information accidentally.

Tried from ADMIN, same result and we restarted the system

We have been using this method for review for a year, but it only happened with the latest update, so is it related?