Custom field placement

Trying to get a custom payment field onto the bottom of the sales invoice without any luck. Copied one from another customer’s custom field but still no luck.

Thanks, Wayne

This is a classic custom field, which should have been created for a sales invoice to accomplish what you want. Was it?

And given that these will soon be removed, why not use the new style?

Sorry Tut,

Dummy here. I just used the existing Settings/Custom fields and filled in the information used in another Manager file with no luck.
Couldn’t find any reference to the new style custom fields.
Downloaded the latest version
Not a biggie as I found that using the Settings/Business Details and adding the payment info under the last entry in the details field, I was able to get the info I wanted onto the invoice.

Copy of invoice attached. Where did the information lines come from at the top and bottom of the invoice???

My understanding from your question is;
you want the red squired area text to be displaced in your every sales invoices.

am I correct? if not ignore this suggestion.

To achieve it, you need to use “Footer” not custom field.
if you have more than one footer, adjust the order
or if you need few types of footers to be changed according to customer, create few footers and change it accordingly while creating sale invoice.

@apples, your link to a pdf file was deleted because it was a security risk for others. Upload screenshots directly.



Those are browser print settings, nothing to do with Manager. Turning them off is dependent on your browser and operating system. This has been covered numerous times in the forum.

Also, please do not add unrelated questions to a topic. That violates forum rules. Members who could answer that question are unlikely to be reading topics about custom field placement.

Finally, rather than photos, or whatever you used as images, please capture screen shots directly from the program. They are much easier to read.

Thanks for the feedback. The unwanted lines on the printed matter are showing for the first time since I have started computing with my Sinclair but only on Manager…
This dummy is still struggling to get either custom fields or footers to show on my sales invoices.

We will get there!!!

Turn off the print headers and footers in your printer settings.

@apples, please show the full screen of the Custom Field Edit screen.

I have a suspicion that this isn’t a custom field of Sales Invoices, right?

Thanks guys.


Where you see placement, delete the current entry and select Sales Invoice from the list of options that should appear when clicking in that box.

I’m sorry for noticing this late but @apples, none of what you have done would work.

The description is not the field value, it’s just a note displayed to assist user during entry. The value itself should be supplied during entry of Sales Invoices or in Form Defaults.

More importantly, custom fields are not your best choice of methods for static information in footers – because that would be the job of Footers.

See this guide for more details:

Thanks. Rebooted everything but still no show! Tried various positions 1-10. Bugger

Thanks, everyone. Works a treat using the footer and remembering to select the Name of the Footer to be used.!