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I apologise if this has been covered in another topic…

I would like to add a small legal disclaimer to the bottom of my sales invoices. I relise I can do it in the custom field type but I do not seem to be able to change the style or layout of the text.

I was wondering if I make the text a image file jpeg How do I import this into the custom field box ?

Simple way right now is to use HTML markup in custom fields but you need little knowledge in HTML coding and be sure you’re using the latest version of Manager.

Version right now 16.11.93

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You can also put the disclaimer in the Notes field. No HTML knowledge is required. It can be set as default text and will appear on all future invoices, not past invoices.

Thanks, its just that i want to make the text quite small and preferably in a lighter shade.

Try this websites i use them to edit my invoice themes,.

The Notes field will accept HTML, so you can do that. The entry below:

<span style="font-size: 8px; color: #999999">Place your text between the span tags</span>

in the Notes field would produce:

I should caution you that I have experienced trouble getting the HTML to “take.” It will simply reject and/or delete code that isn’t correct. But it also doesn’t seem to like pasted-in code. And when defining styles, extra quotation marks sometimes appear and attributes disappear. I have no idea why. But I have better luck typing the code directly.

Thanks for the help everybody, I started to explore playing with the HTML and I did manage to get the disclaimer on. But in custom fields the text does not seem to save. I have to paste it in every new invoice I make ?

Did you click on “set default”?

Enter and Update the default text on the screen that appears. This affects only future invoices, not past ones.

Yes, sorry In notes it works fine ( Is there a way to take out the word “Notes” ?) Its in the Custom Field where it does not save.

Thanks !!!

Where you see this code in the built-in theme:

<div style="font-weight: bold; padding-top: 20px">{{ field.label }}</div>

Substitute this (all on one line):

<div style="font-weight: bold; padding-top: 20px; padding-bottom: 10px">{% unless field.label == 'Notes' %}{{ field.label }}{% endunless %}</div>

There might be a cleaner way, but that works for me. The code also adds a small space below all custom field labels to separate them slightly from the field text. If you don’t want that, take out “;padding-bottom: 10px” after “20px”.

Thanks Tut !!, I will give it a go.

please give the code or option tag to choose the image from our local disc to the inventory item field instead of image url link… and close displaying this image on the purchase and sales invoices… images are not required into the invoices… it needs only in inventory fields… i hope u vl try to develop… or give any suggession…

thank u

just enter the image location stored on your local drive.

custom fields created for inventory items appear on sales invoice by default. if you do not want the image to display on sales invoice, uncheck the option Show custom field on printed documents

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ok sir i vl try to edit theme…

cann’t give any option like upload button (input typ file html format) instead of entering image location link?

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create the custom field like below.


if you do not want the image to show on invoices, uncheck the option Show custom field on printed documents

then in the inventory edit screen, enter the location to the image as below.



ok sir thank u… i tried… it works

How to resize image in custom field? I need to be 70 % reduce the size. my code is

you need to resize the image outside Manager and then insert it in a custom field.

As pranaam_products mentioned “cann’t give any option like upload button” … I believe this idea can potentially make the image upload task a lot easier for some.

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