Custom field for time value

We use start date and start time fields. The custom date field is nice, but having to format our time entry could be better. Would it be possible to add a custome time field?
Is there a way to apply a format to a number field or text field?

06:00PM or 1800

There is no way to apply your own format to a custom field. Number fields will follow your number preference. Text fields are free entry. If you want to enter the sort of time in your examples, you can put that into a text field. But Manager will not treat it as time, just as text.

As a matter of general design philosophy, the program does not accommodate content for which it has no use. It doesn’t use start time in its billable time calculations, or time anywhere else for that matter, so that needs to be a custom field, and its format is irrelevant.

Maybe I don’t understand but Manager recently added Date Custom Field and it looks like the request is to add similar for Time analogue to the format cells in Excel.

I consider this to be a valid feature request.


maybe soon?

A Time Field would be usefull also for Delivery Notes as a Costumer ask for a product two or three times a day we could easely make the difference.
i would appreciate to have a Time Field.

Best Regards.