Can time spent be calculated from start/end time fields?

When entering Billable Time, it would be very helpful if I could enter my start time and end time, and the Time spent would be automatically calculated for me.

I already use custom fields in Billable Time to record the start and end clock times for every entry, in case of audit. Currently, I also have to do the mental math and then re-enter the elapsed time spent. The math isn’t difficult, but there’s the potential for error in any double data entry.

Why not give the user the option to have Manager calculate Time spent for each Billable Time entry based on a Start time and End time? This would be similar to the existing option with sales invoices for either calculating the Due date (Invoice date + Net ___ days) or entering a fixed date (By ___).

Of course, consideration would have to be given in the calculation for entries that span midnight (e.g., 23:45 to 00:15 = 30 min, not -1410 min), and the calculated Time spent would need to be limited to 24 hr (unless the dates were included with Start time and End time), but that can all be dealt with.

(I also wish the start and end times would flow directly from the Billable Time fields into the eventual sales invoice line item to be printed on the invoice itself, but that’s a different request.)


Timekeeping from custom fields is very unlikely due to all the logic involved. Time calculations from built-in fields seems feasible. I’ve put this into the ideas category and edited the subject accordingly.

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