Custom Field in Billable Time

I’m in the professional services field and all time is billable. Is there a way to add Project Number (or Reference) to each billable time item as a custom field? I can have numerous project numbers per client.

Also, is there any plan to add a timesheet module where each employee can add their billable time against project numbers or the like to track work in progress and ultimately forwarded to the sales invoice module? Each timesheet entry could include a description that also ends up on the invoice.

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Manager doesn’t have a job costing module. The closest you can get is to set up tracking codes under Settings tab. Tracking codes will allow you to show profit/loss per job on Profit & Loss Statement report.

Timesheet module as you described it is basically Billable Time tab.

@adaml, you could also create separate customers for each job, perhaps adding the project number to the customer name. In the long run, that might be simpler and less prone to error than requiring all employees to remember tracking codes. It also would simplify normal reports.

But is job costing (or something similar) still on the informal roadmap, as mentioned in a few places including here?

Yeah, job costing will be implemented. Right now some users are using tracking codes but they are more suitable for long-term concepts such as divisions. Jobs are usually short-lived.

Thanks for your help. I think I will use the Client Code to track projects for now. I could also add Project Number to the start of the description in billable time to distinguish between different projects at end of month invoicing. Job costing/tracking would be a great addition in the future however. Cheers