Custom Field Data Type

It would be great if Custom filed has more option for data type, like date, Numbers, Currency etc. atleast date and number are needed very badly.

You can puts dates and numbers in custom fields. The type options don’t limit what you can put in, they control how the information is presented (single line of typing, a box for paragraphs, a dropdown list of elements, etc.).

Hi thanks for response. I can enter date in custom filed its fine but while sorting it in ascending or decending order in any report, it does not recognise the data type format and does not sort in proper order.

for example i have a custom filed DELIVERY DATE, on my invoice and it is showing as column field. and i want to sort out the invoice as per delivery date, it does not give the right order. that is why i am requesting for data type so software can recognise the data type and sort them in right manner.