Report of Cash Sales Customer Receipts

@lubos, Is it possible to use custom reports to list Cash Receipts, as they do not show up in any other reports (I.e. Customer Statements).

I.e. I have a customer called Cash Sales, which I enter small transactions without bothering with a Sales Invoice.
I want to report on how many Cash Sales have occurred in a given month.

What SQL Query can I use to retrieve that information?


I don’t know what might be possible with SQL queries, as there is no documentation yet. But there is no linkage of any kind between customers or suppliers and cash sales or purchases. You mentioned that you have a customer called Cash Sales. You may, in fact, have created one with that name in the Customers tab. But entering that name in the Payer field of a receipt only brings up the name because of previous entries on other forms, not because of any recognition that this is a defined Customer in Manager’s context. You might as well enter Spiderman. :wink:

I think it would be a major enhancement if defined customers and suppliers were recognized when entering receipts and payments, allowing you to include not just credit sales/purchases on statements, but also cash transactions. Then you could get what you need just by defining one anonymous cash customer.

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Ok… Here’s hoping as it would be useful information to have…

As long as he pays his bills… :wink: