How to create a commission base to sales person

What would be the correct way in setting up Manager to run business online listing where not self-employed staff which is part time sales person work on % commission basis?
Example Each services we sell is $1000 and their commission is 40% each time.
and we are issue invoice and receipt to the end customer which is $1000. and we need o separate issue commission for sales person every week/month base on their sales and commission 40%.

Thank you so much.

I would recommend a custom field on the cash receipt or sales invoice (depending on how you record sales) to identify the salesperson. Set the custom field to show as a column. At the end of the pay period, search the sales listing by name to get a total. Calculate commission and put it on the payslip.

@Tut possible to show custom feild as a column in cash receipt?

My mistake. You can show a custom field on printed receipts, but not as a column. So I guess my idea won’t work with cash receipts. You can show custom fields as columns for sales invoices, though. So if sales are recorded via sales invoices, the idea would work. @wendy1208 mentioned both invoices and receipts, so I’m not sure which is used.

I just updated and I see the show as a column option for payments and receipts but doesn’t work. @lubos I think you have to review that

I was able to reproduce the problem reported by @Abeiku. Even after creating entirely new entries with content in the custom fields of , the custom fields do not appear as columns under Cash Accounts.