Currency Exchange Rates Incorrect on Summary

Hi all, I really need help please!

I am having trouble with the exchange rate for different currency’s. My business uses two currency’s (USD and MMK), but is set with MMK being the base currency.
However, when I file USD bank account transactions they show up in the summary section as 1:1 USD to MMK rates, and don’t seem to be using the correct exchange rates. For example, if I filed a $100 deposit into my bank it would appear as 100 MMK and assume the exchange rate was $1 = 1 MMK which is not the case. Can you help?

you need to enter the Exchange Rate from

Setting>Exchange Rate>New Exchange Rate> add From date>Choose the Currency>add the rate> create

Dear @Tut I have searched the Guide but it wasn’t found how to add exchange rate. will you please add it in the guide