CSV file is missing "Date" column

How can my bankstatement mis a date colom. He is in the file? I have the latest version
18.5.47. When I export it to a csv file he is saying that he is missing a date colom. I changed the date but still cannot import the file.

For a start, version 18.5.47 is not the latest version - it is 5 years and thousands of versions out of date

What do mean by my bank statement misses a date column?

There is nothing in Manager called a bank statement

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If you are referring to importing a bank statement (not exporting, since Manager cannot export a bank statement), the format of dates in your bank statement must match the format you have chosen in Settings for Manager. Have you folowed the Guide: Import bank statements | Manager?

I did found the most latest version but I am only reading in oneline and getting this message

Header with name ‘Date’ or ‘Transaction Date’ or ‘TransactionDate’[0] was not found. Header with name ‘Description’ or ‘Extended Text’ or ‘Comment’[0] was not found. Header with name ‘Amount’ or ‘Credit’ or ‘Credits’ or ‘Credit Amount’ or ‘Net’ or ‘In amount(R)’[0] was not found. Headers: ‘3-1-2023;123;Bankkosten;3’ If you are expecting some headers to be missing and want to ignore this validation, set the configuration HeaderValidated to null. You can also change the functionality to do something else, like logging the issue. IReader state: ColumnCount: 0 CurrentIndex: -1 HeaderRecord: [“3-1-2023;123;Bankkosten;3”] IParser state: ByteCount: 0 CharCount: 27 Row: 1 RawRow: 1 Count: 1 RawRecord: 3-1-2023;123;Bankkosten;3

I now have

Yes I found the import bank statements / manager

It seems like you do not have a header row in your csv file

Please read the guide Import bank statements | Manager