Credit notes to customer do not appear in P&L

Hi, previously I successfully raised Credit Notes to customers and those will subsequently appear in Sales and P&L. However recently I raised seven Credit Notes to the same customer (they requested to credit previously issued invoices as we registered as VAT payer with a back-date and the customer kindly agreed to pay the outstanding VAT amount; we then issued new invoices with VAT amount included) but none of the recent Credit Notes appear in P&L which distorts the net profit figure. Is there something I am doing wrong?

Without a screenshot of one of the corresponding Credit Note’s edit screen it’s impossible to look into your problem.

Thank you for getting back.
What screenshot in particular is needed?

What version are you using? From the screenshot it’s not the most recent one ( as of this writing).

Regarding the CN, you need to select a customer.

I recommend to start by reading the Guides, in this case this one, as nearly everything is explained there in detail. E.g. you could select the corresponding invoice and select Copy to New Credit Note.

My Manager version is 16.4.33 and I cannot see a way to update the version. It is a free version by the way.
When I raise a CN I indicate what invoice is corresponds to along the Customer name in (…). And I did it the way you said - selected the invoice and Copy to New Credit. This is not my first time issuing a CN. Itis a bit brain burning and frustrating.
Thank you anyway for your help. I will get back to reading the Guides.

It does appear on a Customer’s tab.

Previously raised CN worked fine in P&L:

You are thousands of versions behind and any bug fixes will only take effect in the latest version.

Your only option is to take a backup, Reseve a Copy, and try incrementally updating your Manager.

For instructions, please refer to this post by @Patch

Thank you for your reply.
I don’t really have an idea how to update Manager in Windows other than uninstalling and installing again. I do keep regular BackUps though.

That’s the way :slightly_smiling_face:

Just make sure you take a fresh copy

You do not have to Uninstall to upgrade - just install the new version and it will overwrite the old version

I cannot seem to find how to just upgrade without uninstalling.
I did uninstall and installed again and lost access to the business. Now trying to follow the instructions to restore the access…

Please read post #9 carefully as you first need to install v20.9.89 and open a business file (a backup is recommended) due to the incorporated update script for older versions. After doing that you can install the latest version and import the business file that was previously opened (and as such converted by the update script) in v20.9.89.

BUT, if the current version you are using works fine for your accounting needs, then there’s no need to update. (I am using a two years old version without problems).

In general I agree with you however if you have installed a current version of Manager and are unable to read an old Manager business file, then you will need to install the older bridging version to update your data file. The last time I did that the Manager installer prevented installation of the older version. The solution to which is uninstall the current version first. Data files are stored separately and preserved.

The responses here should help you.

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That must be it!
Thank you, I am eternally grateful!