Credit notes not reflected on P&L Statement for tracking codes

Hello, i do tracking code for each project to know the profit / loss for each project. credit note does reflect on inventory cost in the summary but if you issue profit and loss statement for a tracking code the credit note does not reflect the credit note. can you help

Please post some screenshots

Your profit and loss statement does not cover the time period that includes both sales invoice #127 and credit note #14. Therefore, it does not show their offsetting effects.

What happens if you define the profit and loss statement for the same time period as your Summary page?

Tut the PL statement cover the period from the 1st of June 2019 to the 5th of October 2020 that means both the invoice and the credit note are in the same period of the PL statement

the invoice date 12th of February 2020
CR note date 9th of August 2020

My summary page period is from 01/01/2020 until today

Sorry, my mistake. I looked at the day and month and did not notice the year. My first explanation would have been the easy and short one.

Looking into this further, you seem to have discovered a bug. I am putting this topic into the bugs category. I am also editing the title to more completely describe the problem.

Fixed in the latest version (20.10.67)