Credit limit and stop issuing invoice

Is there anyway, to stop issuing invoice from system, if credit limit exceed.

No. Manager is not a policeman. Suppose you originally establish a credit limit for a customer. They have paid on time in the past, but now order something just slightly over the limit, yet you do not want to change the limit for the future. Manager will allow the transaction.

We are having more than 1 desk who issue Sales Invoice, and we have the incidence of issue invoice although the customer hasn’t paid old invoices. (They miss the warming sign of over the credit limit).
Some software they prevent issuing invoice, for lower level user, but the high level user (can over ride) the blocking of Issue invoice.
I would like to advise, it will be useful, if you consider this function.

Just to find out , is there any changes done, as some accounting program allows to stop issuing invoice, if the custom credit limit exceed,

No change has been made.