Creating & Updating Inter Account Transfer

When we create or update Inter account Transfers the “Paid from” and “Received In” Columns are empty

How many bank and/or cash accounts have you set-up? The inter account transfers only work with bank and or cash accounts.

In between two Cash Accounts

Did you create the cash accounts using the Bank and Cash Accounts tab?

Or did you create them in Settings/Chart of Accounts?

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Show a screenshot of the edit screen where you attempt to select an account. Also provide your Manager version number such as v21.6.33 and intall such as Windows 10, Cloud, Server, macOS or Linux.

Good question.

Thank You for your concern
Win 10
Version 21.6.33

The Result

You cannot enter the bank/cash accounts in plain language. You must enter their GUIDs. Enter one transfer manually, then do a Batch Update to see the required content.

Yes I did
How to get the GUID
Is the GUID unique for a Cash Account or a Bank Account

Thank You Tut
I got it
I will try