Creating Open PO reports


Can you please advise how can i create or existing report view to show what are my open POs (PO with no invoices)


There is no such method. If you want to monitor purchase order status, you will need to add a custom field for purchase orders and set it up to show as a column. Read the Guide:

You should search the Guides and forum before posting new questions. This has been discussed many times previously. Examples have been given.

Thanks. So If I maintain a custom field, that means I need to ensure I maintain the statuses myself everytime manually for all POs and there is no logic for PO to read if there is any subsequent GR / invoice related to it in order to update automatically?

My point here is I want to know a complete PO history with its subsequent documents. What is the most convenient way to get this info.

Please don’t be sarcastic in responding.

The only way to track the status of a PO is by using a custom field which you have to maintain manually.

If this is not what you require, then Manager is not the software for you. The software’s prime goal is to make keeping accounts as easy and as simple as possible. Workflow and workflow autorisations and tracking is a secondary goal of the software

Noted. Manager IO does not support automated PO Tracking