Invoice number sequence


I need to change the invoice number sequence. Is there a way to change the sequence, so the next time you generate an invoice it follows that new sequence rather then retaining the old?


What do you want to change it to?


from 101 to A78 (we follow a manual invoice book seqence)


I can manuallly change to A78 but it defaults back each time a new invoice is generated to 101


The reason it defaults to 101 is because you have an invoice with number 100. Manager will find the invoice with the highest reference number, then adds “1” to it.


Yes, I am aware that it has done this because I have used a sequence previously. Is there anyway to change the default so it can default the next number sequence?


Same issue. I am now on Invoice number 10027, and the Software keeps defaulting to 140715, because I happened to use 140714 (date), as the first invoice - when I was still figuring out my invoice system.

Is there a solution for this?

I cant imagine how it would be to wait till i actually get to 140714, to continue the sequence, and change every single invoice manually till then.


You can still go back and edit that original invoice with reference 140714 so it has lower reference number such as 10001 or something like that.

When creating new invoice, Manager will simply look at all invoices, finds the one with the highest reference number and adds 1 to generate new reference number. So simply editing the invoice with reference 140714 and giving it lower reference number will fix your problem.


That solved the issue! Thanks :smile: