Creating New Fixed asset for 2023

Hi and happy new year for all.
I close the year 2022 and open new period for 2023 (from 1/1/2023 To 31/12/2023 ) and doing my normal daily transactions but when am traying to add a new fixed asst its giving the following error ( No transaction dated before lock date (31/12/2022) can be created or updated.)
any help pls

Show the edit screen of adding a fixed asset and the related transaction. Also tell us which version of Manager and on which platform and OS.

Are you adding a fixed asset with an acquisition value - this is not possible
You will have to remove the lock date, add the fixed asset and reset the lock date

Yes Many thanks its work after removing the lock date.
many thanks

It is a bit strange to be adding a fixed asset in 2022 with an acquisition value - surely this would have been recorded as a purchase in 2022?

No dear i was adding it for the 2023

Did you record the acquisition cost when you created the Fixed Asset?

If so, this is not the correct way to do this - the cost of the fixed asset should be recorded using a purchase invoice or a cash purchase

Set Lock date
Create fixed asset

Purchase fixed asset

yes after i lock the date i was not able to create the new asset today so only i can add it when i unlock the date, then i post the payment of it.

Please show the edit screen of the new fixed asset

I was able to create a fixed asset even with the Lock Date set to 31/12/2022

am using the last update of the program and under windows

This is not helpful, because the program may be updated several times in one day. Report the actual version number from the bottom of the window.

Your problem in the last screen shot is that you indicated a 650 acquistion cost for the starting balance. If you are buying the asset in 2023, there is no starting balance, only the purchase cost from the payment.

However, you have shown two different versions of the fixed asset definition, one with a starting balance and one without. If you enter a starting balance, the program assumes you have always had this asset and places the acquisition date at the reference date, which is before your lock date, and therefore disallowed. Therefore, you cannot have starting balances for new assets purchased after a lock date.

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AsI suspected, you have entered an acquisition cost of 650 - this is incorrect as you should enter a purchase invoice or cash purchase to record the acquisition

in creating asset in the Acquisition cost should be zero
then in the payment i will put the cost as invoice
its correct

Correct, the acquisition cost and accumulated depreciation values are only used if you are migrating your accounts from another software

many thanks but every month i should do the Depreciation Entries or there any way the system can do it

Manager does offer an automatic calculation but is based on the declining balance method of depreciation

If you use a different method, you can clone your previous monthly entries so that will help but there is no automatic method

Can you give explanation how can Manager offer can do the automatic calculation pls

Please search the guides before posing a question

The guides cover nearly every question you have asked so far