Creating custom generated / designed statements possible?

How to use manager with Real Estate Management ? And can we create custom designed statements ? If yes then how so to?

You can use Manager for any type of business. You need to set up an applicable and appropriate chart of accounts:

With the current version, new users cannot customize any forms. But this has been promised soon. Legacy businesses can still use custom templates under View Templates for sales invoices only.


I need to get a statement of Accounts for all the transactions done in my Database regarding, purchase of a property, sale of a property (if any), rental incomes, rental expenses, expenses deducted from Refundable Security Deposit, Yearly Service Charges Paid etc.

That means, all statements from Suppliers, Customers, and Other Income & Expense Transactions.

Can you advice me how can i get a custom statement. I am using Manager 17.1.40

Are you wanting this from you being the owner or you being the agent, acting on behalf of another owner.

I am the Owner. i need it from owner’s point of view all transaction statement of account (Including all sales invoices, Their Payments Made, purchase invoices, their payments received, all refundable security deposits received, all deductions from security deposits, all other expenses paid)

General Ledger Transactions show all details, but they are respective to their own categories only. for example all incomes under one income chart, all expenses under one expenses chart and so on and so forth.

Need a debit + credit + balance statement of account for all transactions since inception to current date. Please advice how to.

To see all transactions from inception to current date go to Reports > General Ledger > General Ledger Transactions and enter the applicable dates.

This i am aware of it.

However, in general ledger transactions, all details are shown, by their respective categories only. for example all incomes under one income chart, all expenses under one expenses chart and so on and so forth.

But i need all statement transactions with debit, credit & balance columns with dates inlined with all invoices generated, their payments, their receipts to be shown in an ascending or descending order. Could this be made using customised reports with zero SQL Knowledge ? or could the owners / developers add this in current version ? Please advice.

Then 0 Export Button the report to a spreadsheet programme and re-sort the data to suit.

I don’t think you are ever going to get everything you want in one report, because these transactions will be scattered across multiple accounting periods, some in balance sheet accounts and some in P&L accounts.

Some of what you want can be achieved using tracking codes. Read this Guide:

Some of what you want can be achieved using special accounts. Read this Guide:

You should accept the reality that no accountant has ever figured out how to represent both the position and performance of a business entity in a single statement, which is really what you are asking. This is just as true for a single asset (a rental property) as for an entire business.

Yes that just didn’t occurred to me. I am going to check using Export Button.

Let me try checking it after using Tracking Codes. Thanks for enlightening.