Added ability to see invoice lines across all invoices

The latest version ( adds ability to see invoice lines across all invoices on single screen.

This is useful when you want to search for specific line but not sure on which invoice it would be. For example, if you have line custom field that captures serial number of a product that you have sold and want to find in which invoice this serial number has been used, it’s now possible. But there are many more use cases for this.

To access these screens, under Sales Invoices tab look for Sales Invoices - Lines button in bottom-right corner.


Once you are on Sales Invoices - Lines screen, you can use Edit Columns button to select which columns should be visible on this screen by default.


Then you can search and sort within columns across all sales invoice lines.

The same has been implemented on Purchase Invoices.

Similar screens will be added across all transaction types.

Eventually all these screens will also serve as a foundation for new custom reports that will be a lot easier to work with and will be a lot more powerful than the current implementation.


Please add Quantity and Unit price option to Edit Colums button for view each lines quantity and item price.


I agree with @Mehedi_Hasan that viewing the Quantity and Unit price is essential to us.


Qty and Unit Price columns added to the latest version (


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@lubos hope this feature be added in Inventory Transfers and Inventory Write-off soon

nice option … but can you do that for Sales quote , Sales Orders and Delivery Notes also …this option is very easy to search all item


Thank you. Finally, the option we need is available now. But if the same option is also available in inventory tab, its more helpful. Like currently we searched a inventory in and out on purchase and sale invoice tabs respectively. But in inventory tab, qty owned shows both sales and purchase invoices. So if the invoice lines shows there, we can easily seached a product in and out on a single screen.

Have you drilled down on the quantity? You see both additions and subtractions.

The latest version (23.5.6) is adding the same functionality under Receipts and Payments tabs. I’m going to be progressively adding this to all tabs where applicable.


The latest version (23.5.8) adds the same under Sales Quotes and Sales Orders too.


nice ! can you do that on Delivery Notes

The latest version (23.5.24) adds the same under Expense Claims, Credit Notes and Delivery Notes.


@lubos is this planned to be implemented?