Create a new bank account

Hello I’am new here.

I want to creat a new bank account.
I can do this in the cash tab, it won’t be at the right place in the resume.
Is it possible to make a new bank account instead off a new cash account, so that I can find it on the right line in the resume.

Thank you for your answer.


Bank Accounts are merged under Cash Accounts. Please go through below thread.

Where do you think “the right place” is, @DittePelser69? In accounting, a bank account is considered as cash. But if you want it somewhere else, you can create a custom control account and assign it there. See the release note below:

Thank you for your answer.

I just want to see it in 2 lines at my balance.
I understand that a bank in accounting is considered as a cash.
But now I will see the sum of the bank lines in my balance on the line cash instead of the line bank.

If you have set up Custom Control Accounts so that the Cash accounts appear separate from your Bank accounts, then you need to edit your Bank accounts and select the correct Custom Control accounts for them