Create a new "Allocate to" description in Bank Rule

New to this software and am struggling to allocate expenses to the limited “allocate to” section in bank rules.

Is there anyway to create NEW allocate to expenses.

It sounds like you are misunderstanding the purpose of bank rules. Read this Guide: As for creating new expense accounts, read this Guide:

For an overall picture on charts of accounts, read:

I have read those, thank you. I may be incorrect with my understanding. The
issue I have is that the director uses the credit card for personal
expenses also.

For example he has some food shopping on this account so I am looking to
allocate the expense to something not in the pre build list. I thought it
would be easier to creat a whole new description however it will not allow
me to create “personal food shopping” to then allocate the transaction to.

Have you any suggestions


First of all, it would much cleaner if your director did not use a company credit card for personal expenses. If, however, he insists on doing so, the way to record it depends on your legal form of organization and structure of the chart of accounts. Such a transaction is a withdrawal of equity, so should be posted to a capital drawing account, director’s loan account, or owner’s equity, as appropriate. If you are new to accounting and are not familiar with these concepts, spend some time learning more about accounting first at a web site such as

What do you mean by “it?” Accounts must created first. Then they will appear in the dropdown list during definition of bank rules. It is also unlikely that such an account is really necessary, because personal food shopping is not an expense of the company and should not appear in your profit and loss statement.