Create a clone of my business for testing

I have spent a bit of time setting up the business in manager, and for the time being I have generally being “playing” in the actual account. I then go back and delete the testing I’ve been doing.

Now that I’m starting to get more info into it, I don’t want to chance leaving “test” data in the system. Given that I have some real data in there already, I’d like to run tests against that.

Reading other threads on here and copying different things, I’m reluctant to experiment in this regard.

There’s no “clone business” and I didn’t want to reimport a backup without knowing what would happen at the next step (would it give me the option to create a new business or just override the current one?).

Is there a way to clone the business?

Now I’m just thinking out loud: could I close down manager. Save the manager data somewhere else. Reopen manager and create a new business, import the backup, rename it, back it up, go back to the original manager file and put it back in the right location and re-import the backup of the backup? Does that even make sense? lol

Adding a Business by using the “Import Backup” option would create a new business, NOT override the current one. But, doing the Import Backup would create a 2nd business with an identical name so either rename one of them or when doing a prior backup change the file name by adding “test” to the name and then import that backup.


excellent, thanks.

I just didn’t want to stuff the work I’ve put into this :smiley:

edit: and after trying it, it seems so obvious. Especially when the imported version has the date at the end of it lol