Backup or simply save as unique name?

I suspect this is a silly question. I’ve noticed some complaints about importing a backup with thye new Manager ver loses history. Apart from the specifics of that situation, why would you “backup” anyway ?

From my experience with myob I simply save the working file as a copy and date mark the name. So, there’s no need to import, simply open a different file. Is this logic wrong ?

not at all. copying your business file or creating a backup within Manager serves the same purpose.

there is no need to import files in Manager every time you update it. Manager automatically does that if you simply install the newer version without uninstalling the old one. backups are made to make sure you have a working file in rare cases when a Manager update corrupts the existing data.


I have automatic backups running in my folders periodically but I also make manual backups at each relevant date. So you can work in both ways.

And copy or backup to a different disk drive